Our Courses

Our courses are aimed at improving leadership skills and capabilities and offer pragmatic learning experiences for leaders based on empirical research and on a broad theoretical knowledge base. They are delivered by a committed team of academics, researchers and practitioners, with a wide experience in various leadership roles. Courses include:

Growing Great Leaders TEAMS 

Extending your leadership through flipped learning. Growing Great Leaders™ TEAMS combines the flexibility of GGL™ SOLO with the power of in-personal facilitation.

Building Cultural Capability


This 3-day workshop will give you culturally appropriate and practical skills you can apply straight back into the classroom and school.

Growing Great Leaders™ Level 1 


GGL™ Level 1 offers research-based face-to-face professional development with direct relevance to your own leadership and school development.

Growing Great Leaders™ online

GGL™ Online is a series of six, two-hour, fully facilitated, online modules. The modules are complimented by a series of structured back-in-school activities to help ensure that your new learning is quickly put to use in your school.

Growing Great Leaders™ SOLO

GGL™ SOLO is a series of six, self-managed, video and website-based modules. Video modules are complimented by a series of structured back-in-school self-managed activities.

Growing Great Leaders™ Level 2


GGL™ level 2 uses real-life problems from schools or CoLs, and guides participants through the process of improvement while developing competence and skills in particular aspects of the improvement puzzle.

Open-to-learning™ 2-day


Become an expert at engaging in difficult conversations that will build relationships while tackling problems!

Bespoke PLD Design


Our bespoke approach can readily accommodate your team’s needs making use of MoED PLD funding.