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About Growing Great Leaders™ Flipped

Extending your leadership through flipped learning.

Growing Great Leaders™ Flipped (GGL™ FLIPPED) combines the flexibility of GGL™ SOLO with the power of in-personal facilitation.   

How it works:

1.    Enrol your leadership team in ‘GGL™ Flipped’ and receive access to our series of self-paced website-based leadership modules. 
2.    Work though each self-contained module together – at a time, place and pace that works for the whole team.
3.    Connect via ZOOM with one of our skilled facilitators for either 3 or 6 online workshops to extend your team’s understanding and identify ways in which the practical insights of GGL™ might be embedded into your team’s practice.

GGL™ Flipped is designed for leadership teams who want to manage their own leadership development with the assurance that comes from knowing that personalised and informed guidance is available. 

For more information, call Colin Donald, +64 27 886 4678 or Email: 

Cost: Quotes available on request. For information regarding costings, or for information on using Regionally-Allocated PLD hours (RA-PLD) to access this workshop, contact Colin Donald on +64 27 886 4678 or Email: 


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Growing Great Leaders™ FLIPPED covers six modules. Each module is two hours and is aligned to the student-centred leadership model and is designed to provide both theoretical and practical application for the educational context.

MODULE 1: Student-centred Leadership

Module 1 introduces the ‘student-centred leadership’ model and challenges participants to reflect on their own leadership beliefs and practices as well as the impact of those beliefs and practices on student outcomes in their school. 

MODULE 2: Building Relational Trust

Module 2 highlights the influence of trust on the quality of student outcomes. Practical activities support personal reflection and subsequent trust-building action in participant’s own setting.

MODULE 3: Establishing Goals and Expectations

Module 3 provides highly practical insights into goal setting theory and supports participants as they reflect on the quality of goal setting in their own school. The module provides rich takeaways for back-in-school follow up and action.

MODULE 4: Resourcing Strategically

Module 4 highlights the important of being strategic in the use of limited school resources. The content supports participants as they undertake a critical review of the way their key resources, both human and material, are used to promote valued student outcomes.

MODULE 5: Solving Complex Problems

Module 5 is highly practical and supports participants as they progress a complex problem they are attempting to address. The module blends engaging research with high levels of participant interaction.

MODULE 6: Ensuring Quality Teaching

Module 6 challenges leaders to think about the way their beliefs about teaching quality influences both teacher actions and student outcomes. The session provides practical insights as well as a rich set of back-in-school, follow-up activities.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is ‘GGL™ Flipped’?
GGL™ Flipped combines the flexibility of GGL™ SOLO with the power of in-personal facilitation through the application of ‘flipped learning’ principles.

How does GGL™ Flipped work?
1.    You contact us to discuss your needs.
2.    You  enrol your team and receive access to our online leadership development modules. 
3.    Your team works through the series of self-contained modules – at a time, place and pace that works for the whole team.
4.    Your team connect with one of our skilled facilitators via ZOOM for either 3 or 6 online workshops at a time that works for you.

What does GGL™ Flipped include?
GGL™ Flipped includes:
-    A series of online modules (videos, readings, discussion prompts, in-school activities).  
-    Three or six (you choose) synchronous, online discussions, facilitated by a member of our skilled GGL™ design team.

How much does 'GGL™ Flipped' cost?
Quotes are provided on request. Overall costs vary depending on the number of participants and whether your team would like three or six facilitated workshops.

Are group discounts offered?
Yes, a 10% discount is offered for three or more participants from the same school or Kāhui Ako. 

What is the time commitment required for GGL™ Flipped?
We recommend that participants allow up to an hour for pre-module reading and reflection, and about two hours for each online module. Individual times will vary depending on the time allocated for reflection and planning.
These times are a general guide only.

Do you recommend that modules are completed in a specific sequence?
GGL™ Flipped is designed as a sequential programme of professional learning however the final sequence is up to your team. Each module builds on the understandings developed in proceeding work so for this reason, completing the modules sequentially is encouraged.

Where is the programme currently being used?
‘GGL™ Online’, our facilitated online GGL™ offering is currently used in a major Australian state for all of its newly appointed principals (approx. 200 per annum). 
‘GGL™ face to face’ is offered in New Zealand as an in-person option. Courses run regularly at the University of Auckland's Epsom Campus (Kohia Centre).
‘GGL™ SOLO’ has a significant number of individual participants registered in both New Zealand and Australia.
‘GGL™ flipped’ is currently being used by a number of New Zealand secondary and primary schools to build leadership coherence.